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The levy funds one-third of school budget

Our so-called “supplemental” school levy is no longer supplemental … with our state funding for schools the lowest in the entire nation, local school district levies provide essential funding for almost all districts in Idaho. In Lake Pend Oreille School District the school levy now constitutes 35% of the annual budget. Should it ever fail to pass our district would face drastic cuts, including up to a third of staff. Let’s say YES to secure, adequate funding for our school. Please … vote YES for the continuing levy on November 5.

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Let’s make the success of our children a top priority

The bottom-line question for our community is about ensuring a good education and bright future for the children of the Lake Pend Oreille School District. Our children are the best investment we can make as a community. They are the future workers, citizens and taxpayers who will carry our community and nation forward in the future. Giving our kids a good start in life helps us all.

Please … join us in voting YES for the continuing levy on November 5!