Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions we’re often getting about the proposed continuing levy. Do you have a question about the levy that you have not seen addressed? We invite your questions! Send them to us with the form on our About Us page»

Q. What is the ballot measure asking me?
A. Are you willing to support, on a continuous basis, the Lake Pend Oreille School District at the same dollar amount in which you approved in March of 2019? Click to read a copy of the ballot measure language»

Q. If we just passed this levy amount last March why do we need to vote again?
A. The March 2019 approved levy supports schools for the fiscal year 2020 and 2021. This vote is asking to continue the same level of support for future years to come, without voting every two years.

Q. What does the current levy cover?
A. The current levy is 35% of the LPOSD budget. It pays for 1/3 of the teaching staff, all extra-curricular activities, technology for the district, and curriculum materials.

Q. Why doesn’t the State funding cover these items?
A. LPOSD is a large geographic school district. We as a community have decided that our small rural schools are important and want to continue to support them. This does not fit the Sates funding formula which is more aligned to less schools with more students in them. In addition, Idaho is 50th in the nation on per pupil spending, 93 out 115 school districts in Idaho have local maintenance and operation levies in place to bridge this gap.

Q. If I don’t have the opportunity to vote for this dollar amount every 2 years how do I know where the money is being spent?
A. LPOSD must submit an annual budget in a public meeting. This budget will also be audited externally and internally on an annual basis with a public report. All budgets and expenditures by law are posted on-line for public transparency.

Q. Will this dollar amount increase every year if it were to become indefinite?
A. No, the flat dollar amount can never increase without voter approval.

Q. Could this dollar amount ever be decreased if State funding becomes adequate?
A. Yes, the school board can reduce this amount without voter approval.

Q. What’s wrong with continuing to ask the community to support schools every 2 years?
A. With 35% of the budget being funded through the levy, we are faced with an “all or nothing” scenario every 2 years making 1/3 of staffing, all extra-curricular activities, technology budget, and curriculum materials in jeopardy of being unfunded. This is very difficult for budgeting, stabilizing programs, and consistent staffing, let alone the time and energy it takes away from the work in the classroom.

Q. Will my taxes going to schools increase if this is approved?
A. No, the flat dollar amount stays the same. Actually, with the new growth and new parcels coming onto the tax roll the amount each person pays to schools for this Maintenance and Operation levy may decrease.

One thing there’s no question about: Continuing the levy will provide much-needed stability for our schools, teachers, staff and students.

Please, VOTE YES for the continuing levy on November 5, 2019!