Vote YES August 30, 2016 … for our kids’ future!

It’s the most important levy in a generation!

The residents of Bonner County, Idaho, face a big decision when we head to the polls on August 30 – one that will impact our children, and even our children’s children. After more than 20 years of declining facilities in our district, a YES vote would allow the Lake Pend Oreille School District to build or rebuild three schools, plus make necessary improvements and additions at all schools.

This is the most important facilities upkeep measure requested by the school district since 1985. It’s been fully a generation ago since the district has been able to replace and upgrade aging school buildings.

False information from levy opponentsDid you get the opposition’s postcard? Let’s correct the facts: A postcard mailing by opponents in the week before the election contains several inaccurate and completely wrong assertions. Click to get the real facts»

Here’s a quick glance of why Citizens for Better Schools, a group of parents and community members, believes a YES vote is the right vote!

  • Students. Safe, well-maintained facilities improve educational performance in our students. Many LPOSD facilities are out of compliance or below standards.
  • Technology. Older buildings are having limited success in keeping up with the modern curriculum, especially those elements related to technology.
  • Costs. Building costs will only continue to rise, and our school facilities will continue to age. Expensive repairs on older buildings will not go away, they’ll only get worse.
  • Funding. LPOSD does not receive state funding for capital improvements; it can only acquire the funds through a plant levy or bond. The last successful facilities levy was in 2008 for $14.1 million.
  • Priorities. A Facilities Planning Committee made up of community members prioritized major projects for LPOSD over the next 5 to 6 years that are critically needed.
  • Community. Our children are the most important asset to the growth and future of our community; we can’t afford not to give them the best education possible!

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And then, please join us to … VOTE YES ON AUGUST 30, 2016!

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The Citizens for Better Schools is a political, non-profit group composed of volunteer parents and community members who support a quality education for children in the Lake Pend Oreille School District.