What Will it Fund?

The proposed $17 million two-year levy ($8.3 million in 2018; $8.7 million in 2019) would fund the following:

  • One-third of ALL district staff; approximately 300 full-time and part-time staff positions
  • Support sound class sizes and secondary electives
  • ALL academic and athletic extracurricular activities
  • Technology and all curricular materials, professional development
  • Extended full-day kindergarten, Clark Fork experiential learning program, elementary counseling, and certified nursing assistant


Levy Facts:

  • This levy supports the operating budget for instruction and is NOT another plant facility levy
  • It REPLACES the current levy that has been in place for 17 years
  • It is for two years only and is NOT a permanent levy. Voters must approve any future levy
  • Funding from state revenue does not cover all school needs – 82% of Idaho districts currently have levies
  • LPOSD’s school tax rate is 48 percent below the state average
  • LPOSD’s tax rate has dropped by 4.9 percent in the last 4 years
  • State revenues for education remain 6 percent below pre-recessionary appropriation levels of 2009

The levy constitutes such an important part of the school district’s operating budget that if the levy does not pass there will be deep cuts in instructional programs, athletics, activities and operations. Get details on the What if it Fails page»